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Smoke-free policies and the social acceptability of smoking in Uruguay and Mexico:...

Keywords: smokefree, secondhand, smoke, Mexico, Uruguay, middle, income, evaluation,

Introduction: Little research has been conducted to determine the psychosocial and behavioral impacts... read more

Porque todos respiramos lo mismo: Evaluation of a social marketing campaign...

Keywords: Mexico, City, social, marketing, smokefree, evaluation, media,

Objectives: To assess the reach and impact of a social marketing campaign to promote knowledge and... read more

Perceived justice and popular support for public health laws: A case study around...

Keywords: Mexico, City, smokefree, perceived, justice, implementation, Framework, Convention, Tobacco, Control,

The World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control promotes comprehensive... read more

Effects of a generalised ban on smoking in bars and restaurants, Italy

Keywords: Italy, smoking, ban, population, survey, hospitality, enforcement,

CONTEXT: Italy implemented a law in January 2005 banning smoking in all enclosed public spaces. OBJECTIVES:... read more