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Clearing the Air: Communicating a Smoke-free Viet Nam

Case Study

Keywords: Vietnam, Viet, Nam, communications, strategy, advocates, knowledge,

Clearing the Air: Communicating a Smoke-free Viet Nam.  Case Study

Global Voices: 2009 Status Report

Rebutting the tobacco industry, winning smokefree air -

Keywords: ,

On 10 November, 2009, the Global Smokefree Partnership launched its 2009 status report, Rebutting... read more

Worldwide burden of disease from exposure to second-hand smoke

A retrospective analysis of data from 192 countries

Keywords: exposure, children, adult, non, smokers, burden, disease, worldwide,

Exposure to second-hand smoke is common in many countries but the magnitude of the problem worldwide... read more

Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) Study

Keywords: Air, Quality, Monitoring, AQM, India, public, places,

This study helped in identifying the quality of air in public places like restaurants, bars, pubs... read more

Tobacco smoke exposure in homes of Mexico City: environmental analysis of nicotine...

Keywords: Tobacco, smoke, nicotine, air, hair, homes, children, women, Mexico,

In Mexico no evaluation on environmental tobacco smoke has been conducted. The objective of this... read more

Exposición al humo de tabaco en hogares de la Ciudad de México: análisis...

Keywords: Humo, tabaco, nicotina, aire, cabello, hogares, mujeres, xico,

En México no se han efectuado evaluaciones de la exposición al humo de tabaco ambiental... read more

Reducing Tobacco Smoke Exposure in Prisons

Keywords: Smokefree, Prisons, Article, Outdoor,

This is one in a series of background papers on challenging issues in smokefree air policy that... read more

The Trend Toward Smokefree Outdoor Areas

Keywords: Smokefree, Outdoors, Article,

This is one in a series of background papers on challenging issues in smokefree air... read more

Secondhand smoke: Assessing the burden of disease at national and local levels

Keywords: secondhand, smoke, lung, health, children, adults, respiratory, illness,

This guide describes how to estimate the burden of disease caused by exposure to SHS on a national... read more